Bone Graft Services at Berwick Dental Clinic

There’s no denying that a healthy smile can significantly boost your confidence. However, oral health issues like gum disease and tooth extraction can lead to bone degradation around the teeth, affecting your smile and overall appearance. But don’t worry, we have a solution.

At Berwick Dental Clinic, we specialise in dental bone grafts – an innovative technique to grow bone where it’s been lost. With our diverse grafting methods and dedicated team, we’re committed to helping you reclaim your radiant smile. Read on to discover more about our bone graft services.

The Advantages of Bone Grafts

Dental bone grafts are more than just an innovative technique. They represent a significant leap forward in oral health care, offering a multitude of benefits for patients dealing with gum disease or post-extraction bone loss.

Here are some key advantages of dental bone grafts:

Bone Preservation:

Dental bone grafts are instrumental in preserving the existing bone structure. They fill the void left by tooth extraction or bone degradation due to gum disease, preventing further bone loss and maintaining facial aesthetics.

Facilitates Dental Implants:

Bone grafts create a solid foundation, enabling the placement of dental implants. If you’ve lost a tooth and want an implant, but lack sufficient bone density, a bone graft can make this possible.

Restores Functionality:

By restoring bone mass, dental bone grafts can significantly improve functionality, allowing patients to eat and speak more comfortably and naturally.

Prevents Future Dental Issues:

By halting bone loss, dental bone grafts can prevent potential future dental complications, such as jawbone deterioration and shifting of remaining teeth.

Boosts Confidence:

 A successful dental bone graft not only restores oral health but also boosts confidence by improving the appearance of your smile.

Whether due to untreated gum disease or tooth extraction, bone degradation can have serious impacts on both your oral health and overall well-being. Dental bone grafts from Berwick Dental Clinic offer a highly effective solution, helping to restore bone where it’s most needed and paving the way for healthier, happier smiles.

Customised Bone Graft Solutions at Berwick Dental Clinic

At Berwick Dental Clinic, we understand that every patient’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer a range of bone graft options, each designed to address different levels of bone loss and specific dental conditions. Our team of experienced professionals at Berwick Dental Clinic are committed to providing tailored solutions that effectively meet your individual oral health needs.

Here are the diverse bone graft options we offer:

Particulate Grafts:

These involve using granulated bone material that can be easily shaped to fit into small spaces. This type of graft is often used for minor bone defects and is ideal for filling in areas where a tooth has been removed.

Block Grafts:

For more significant bone loss, block grafts are used. These grafts use solid blocks of bone that provide a sturdy base for dental implants. They’re typically used when a larger volume of bone is needed.

Sinus Lift Procedures:

In cases where patients lack sufficient bone height in the upper jaw or the sinuses are too close to the jaw for dental implants to be placed, a sinus lift procedure is performed. This involves adding bone to your upper jaw in the area of your molars and premolars.

Key benefits of our diverse bone graft options include:

Personalised Treatment Plans:

Our range of grafting methods allows us to create a treatment plan that’s specifically tailored to your needs.

Improved Success Rates:

By choosing the most appropriate grafting method for your situation, we can significantly increase the success rate of the grafting procedure and subsequent dental implant placement.

Enhanced Comfort and Recovery:

Our experienced team ensures each bone graft procedure is performed with precision, resulting in minimal discomfort and quicker recovery times.

At Berwick Dental Clinic, we believe in delivering personalised care that caters to your specific oral health needs. With our diverse bone graft options, we’re committed to helping you achieve optimal oral health and a smile you can be proud of.

The Bone Graft Procedure

At Berwick Dental Clinic, we’re dedicated to ensuring our patients understand what to expect during their dental bone graft procedure. While the specifics can vary based on individual needs and circumstances, there is a general process we follow to ensure optimal results and patient comfort.

Here’s a step-by-step overview of what a typical dental bone graft procedure looks like at our clinic:

Initial Consultation:

We start with a comprehensive examination, including X-rays or 3D scans, to assess your oral health and determine the necessity and type of bone graft required.


On the day of the procedure, we administer local anaesthesia to numb the area. We then gently lift the gums to expose the underlying bone and thoroughly clean the tooth roots if necessary.

Bone Graft Placement:

Next, we prepare the site for the graft. The grafting material, which could be your own bone, a synthetic material, or bone from a donor, is then placed into the prepared site.

Application of Biologically Active Gels:

To stimulate new bone growth more effectively, we incorporate biologically active gels and growth factors into the graft. These substances help speed up the healing process and encourage the formation of new bone tissue.

Closing the Site:

Once the graft is in place, we carefully reposition the gum tissue and secure it using sutures.

Healing Phase:

Post-procedure, your body begins the natural healing process. The grafted bone will gradually integrate with your existing bone over several months, creating a solid foundation for dental implants.

Follow-up Care:

We schedule follow-up appointments to monitor the healing process and ensure the graft is successful. When the site is fully healed, we can proceed with the placement of dental implants if that’s part of your treatment plan.

At Berwick Dental Clinic, we prioritise patient comfort and satisfaction. Our team ensures each step of the bone graft procedure is conducted with precision and care, offering you a seamless and efficient path to improved oral health.

Why Berwick Dental Clinic is Your Go-To for Dental Bone Grafts

Choosing the right clinic for a dental bone graft in Berwick is crucial. Here at Berwick Dental Clinic, we combine our extensive experience and advanced techniques to provide you with the best possible care. Our team works closely with you to determine the most suitable grafting method for your needs.

Whether it’s a small graft placed within the empty socket post-extraction to ensure minimal bone loss, or a medium graft for those who may need a more complex procedure due to delayed treatment, we’ve got you covered.

Our commitment to your oral health doesn’t stop at providing superior dental services. We also offer diverse payment options for your convenience: Afterpay, Openpay, ZIP, HUMM, in-house direct debit payments for orthodontic treatment, and Superannuation release. As preferred providers for HCF and members of the SMILE fee group, we accept CDBS to make your experience with us as smooth as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a dental bone graft in Australia can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the procedure, the type of graft used, and the specific needs of the patient. On average, the cost ranges from $2000 to $3000. However, for complex cases involving more intricate procedures like block grafts or sinus lifts, the cost can go up to $11,500 or more.
The cost of a bone graft can seem expensive due to the sophistication of the procedure and the materials used. However, it’s important to consider it as an investment in your oral health. A successful bone graft can prevent further dental complications, provide a solid foundation for dental implants, and improve the quality of your life by restoring functionality and aesthetics. Financing options are often available to make the procedure more affordable.
There is no definitive ‘best age’ for a bone graft as the need for this procedure is typically based on dental health and specific conditions rather than age. Bone grafts can be performed at almost any age, provided the patient is in good overall health. For children with certain congenital conditions, bone grafts might be recommended during their growth phase. For adults, it’s often performed in preparation for dental implants following tooth loss. Always consult with your dental professional to determine the right timing for a bone graft based on your individual circumstances.