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Veneers at Berwick Dental Clinic & Surgery

We all admire people who show off brilliant, perfectly aligned smiles. The celebrities in the pages of your favourite magazines have likely had cosmetic dentistry services to help bring out their natural beauty. If you are troubled by any of the following, the dental veneers we provide may be ideal:
Chipped teeth
Crooked teeth
Discoloured teeth
Malformed teeth
Worn teeth

Rejuvenate Your Appearance

You can gain a gleaming smile thanks to dental veneers. Made from a composite or porcelain material, it is a thin shell adhered to the surface of existing teeth to give you a perfectly aligned look. You’ll be amazed at the stunning results that you’ll get from this simple procedure, which is noninvasive and completed in one to two appointments, depending on which material you choose for your veneers.

What to Expect

At your initial consultation, we’ll determine whether you’re a candidate for veneers. If any other dental services can achieve your desired outcomes, we’ll be happy to discuss them with you. The next step is to decide whether you’d like porcelain or composite veneers.
If you choose composite, we can immediately begin applying your veneers, which are painted onto your teeth layer by layer, then shaped and hardened. They’ll be polished to a luminous finish. If you want to have porcelain veneers, which look more natural and are longer-lasting, we’ll gather impressions and other information, then send it to the laboratory.
There, your veneers are custom-created and sent back to our practice, where you’ll return for a follow-up visit. We’ll apply the veneers, shaping and polishing them to perfection.

Ensuring Your Veneers Last For Years

With the proper care, your veneers will be long-lasting. We recommend that you avoid opening things with your teeth, refrain from chewing hard objects such as ice or lollies and stay up on your oral hygiene routines. You can brush and floss your veneers as you would your natural teeth, and be sure to visit us for your biyearly checkups.


Let’s discuss getting you the smile you’ve always dreamed of showing off. Contact Berwick  Dental today! Saturday appointments are available.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.