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At Berwick Dental Clinic & Surgery, we understand the toll it can take on your life when your teeth don’t allow you to eat or speak as you’d like. Our array of solutions are designed to help you improve your oral health so that you can feel proud to show off your smile. If you’re missing teeth, dental implants are one of the most advanced solutions that mimic a natural tooth and can last for your lifetime. Available at our practice, they can have a crown, bridge or denture affixed to them, depending on your particular needs.

The Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants

A single missing tooth can affect your ability to chew the foods you’d like to or may cause you to feel like you want to hide your smile. Several missing teeth can be even more devastating. With dental implants, you can once again enjoy the full function and aesthetics of a natural smile. There are many advantages to choosing dental implants for tooth replacement:

An extremely high success rate 

Don’t damage surrounding teeth 

Easy to care for 

Can last for a lifetime

Made of biocompatible materials

What to Expect When Getting a Dental Implant

An implant is a titanium post that is implanted into your jawbone. Once we’ve determined that you’re a suitable candidate for dental implants, we can arrange for the surgery to be completed. A healing period must then be allowed to pass while the implant is integrated into the jawbone. Once it has done so, we can place a crown, bridge or denture on top of the implant, restoring your smile.

Whether you have a crown, bridge or denture will depend on your particular situation. If you’re replacing just one tooth, a crown is likely most suitable. For multiple teeth, a bridge may be best. If you seek to replace all of your teeth, you can have dentures securely attached to your dental implants.

Everyone’s dental circumstances are unique and cannot be covered with general advice – please come see one of our expereienced and friendly doctors for a consult so they can go over your particular bone quality, implant suitability and restoration options with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone with decayed, missing, chipped or severely infected teeth may be an ideal candidate for dental implants. To better serve you, we invite you to make an appointment with our practice so we can take a look at your mouth and make the best possible suggestions.
A dental implant is designed to look and function just like your natural teeth—in fact, most who see you won’t even be able to tell the difference. You’ll be able to eat, chew, speak and perform all of the functions your regular teeth allow you to with the added improved aesthetic!
It’s difficult to estimate a cost for implants without seeing your unique smile needs first. During a consultation with our practice, we’ll examine your mouth and be able to make better recommendations for your individual needs, as each patient is different. We’ll design a custom care plan for you. If you agree to the plan, we can move forward as soon as you’re ready.
At our practice, we’re pleased to offer patients the latest in anaesthetic options, you can choose local, sedation or sleep dentistry and happy gas. Usually only local anesthetic is sufficient for most procedures. During your appointments, we’ll go over the best option for you and work it into your care plan as needed. We always want you to feel comfortable and relaxed during your treatment and will do all we can to make it so.

Usually for patients above the age of 20 when further growth stops.
A dental implant can be suitable for anyone who has lost a tooth and whose teeth are fully grown in. You may require one anywhere from in your twenties to well into your golden years.

Your health fund cover will vary depending on your plan. Some may have benefits for dental implants. Your best bet is to contact your health fund directly and ask for specifics.
Yes. If you do not have dental cover, we still have a way for you to get the care you need, including dental implants.


Yes. We want to keep our hours flexible so that it’s easy for you to get in for an appointment. We’re open on Saturdays for your convenience.
We often have same-day visits available. If you want to get in, contact us straightaway, and we’ll try to get you in on the day.
Yes. You may also be a candidate for solutions such as a dental bridge or dentures. We’ll detail all the possible options to you. After going over the advantages of each, you can decide how you would like to proceed.


Many people are under the impression that they can’t afford to have their teeth replaced. If you’re interested in implants Berwick, we provide options to make sure your costs are covered. We work with National Dental Plan, which offers flexible payment plans with no interest. Additionally, we accept all health funds, and your rebate can be claimed on the spot with HICAPS.

Contact our team today by phone or email to schedule your consultation for dental implants!

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.