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Berwick Dental Clinic & Surgery was opened by our team in 2017. With a passion for dental care, we wanted to provide a centre for modern dentistry in our community. In our growing area just an hour from Melbourne, you can book appointments with flexible hours including Saturdays. With free parking on-site, you’ll find that we are a convenient stop during your day.

Benefit From Our Years of Experience

From treating children to seniors, we feature a range of solutions to suit the needs of your entire family. Our team has been in practice since 1993, giving us the experience and training to help you meet your dental goals, no matter what they may be.

In our warm and friendly environment, you can sit back, relax and know that you are in the most capable of hands. Our team provides all the time necessary to thoroughly address your concerns, so you’ll never feel rushed through your appointment. We like to take a conservative approach to dentistry, meaning we explore the most minimally invasive treatment available to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Dr. Evangeline Alphonse:

Dr. Evangeline Alphonse is a general dentist whose greatest area of strength is her ability to understand and build a relationship with her patients. She has extensive experience working with patients who are anxious or afraid of getting dental work done, and guarantees that you will have full control and knowledge of what’s happening during every step of the way during your appointments with her – the more questions you have the better!

Evangeline believes in the holistic treatment planning model – your appointment isn’t just about getting a filling or a clean done, it’s about assessing your entire oral health and working together with you to come up with both a home-care and professional-care plan that will help you minimize your costs and maximize your oral health over the next several decades. All appointments automatically screen for signs of orals cancer and gum health, and carefully take your medication and medical history into account when coming up with a suitable treatment plan.

Evangeline is skilled in oral surgery and has done over a thousand surgical wisdom tooth extractions in the past 12 months alone. She is also a registered provider for clear braces (Invisalign and SmileStyler) and has completed her advanced bone grafting and implant placement training. All her implants are planned and virtually placed via a computer before printing a 3D stent for the most ideal and precise implant placement possible, allowing for the best result for her patients.

Dr Lilly Lay

Dr. Lilly graduated from The University of Sydney with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree.

Lilly enjoys all areas of dentistry and is passionate about prevention before intervention. She is committed to practicing evidence-based dentistry to provide quality dental care that is suited to your individual needs.

Having grown up on the beachy shores of Phillip Island, Lilly appreciates the country’s ways of living and working within a close community. She likes getting to know her patients and strives to treat not just teeth, but the patient as a whole.

In her free time, you’ll find Lilly spending time with her family, traveling for food and culture, or at the beach with her dog Lulu!

Dr Ansu Saji

Dr Ansu Saji

Dr. Ansu Saji graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2014 from India. After attaining her registration in Australia, she has worked in both the public and private sector in Melbourne.

Ansu enjoys providing a range of general dental services to all age groups with special interests in pain-free dentistry and cosmetic dental treatments including white fillings and porcelain restorations.

She also enjoys patient education and promotes preventive dentistry. She understands the anxiety around dentistry and always ensures to provide a relaxed and friendly environment.

Dr Simon Dang

Dr. Simon Dang graduated from The University of Melbourne with a Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Simon has experience in public and private clinics and has developed a passion for surgery and restorative dentistry during his training.

Simon is passionate about performing comprehensive, minimally invasive dentistry and preserving teeth as much as possible. Simon also prides himself on his ability to communicate complex dental information in simple terms for patients to gain a better understanding of their oral health. In his free time, you’ll find him playing volleyball or checking out the latest exhibit at the National Gallery of Victoria

Dr Simon Dang
Dr Freddy Sharoubim

Dr Freddy Sharoubim

Dr Freddy is a general dentist passionate about giving patients confidence in their smile and oral health. Whether you see him for an examination, tooth-pain or simply just a chat, Dr Freddy promises to take the time to explain matters in plain terms and answer all your questions – the more the better!

Dr Freddy welcomes patients of all ages, needs and anxiety levels; striving to provide a pain-free and relaxed experience where possible.

Further, he offers a variety of services including general and emergency dentistry.In your initial ‘check-up’ appointment with Dr Freddy, a thorough investigation of your teeth and gums will be conducted with oral-cancer screening provided for every-patient. Dr Freddy will provide you with the findings along with a plan to comprehensively care for your oral health in the short and long term.Dr Freddy graduated from Latrobe University and outside his working hours he loves to spend time with his family, explore nature and travel to new places.


We are proud supporters of local Australian manufacturers and laboratories, and strive to use and support our local communities and businesses wherever possible. With the exception of importing high-quality German materials for certain procedures, we try to source everything else as Made In Australia to show our support for those hardworking members of our communities.

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