Composite Veneers: Enhance Your Smile at Berwick Dental Clinic

At Berwick Dental Clinic, we understand the importance of a confident smile. If you’re looking to improve your smile and address concerns such as chipped, crooked, discoloured, malformed, or worn teeth, our composite veneers may be the ideal solution for you. With our comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry services, the expert team at Berwick Dental Clinic can help you achieve the beautiful, perfectly aligned smile you’ve always desired.

What are Composite Dental Bonding and Composite Veneers?

Composite dental bonding is a procedure in which a tooth-coloured composite resin material is applied and sculpted onto your teeth to improve their appearance. Composite veneers, also known as direct veneers, are a type of dental bonding technique that involves applying a thin layer of specialised composite resin material directly onto the surface of your existing teeth. This non-invasive procedure allows us to transform the shape, colour, and alignment of your teeth, giving you a stunning, natural-looking smile.

The Benefits of Composite Veneers

Opting for composite veneers at Berwick Dental Clinic offers numerous advantages, including:

Enhanced Appearance:

Composite veneers can address various dental imperfections, including chips, cracks, stains, and misalignment, giving you a beautiful and symmetrical smile.

Non-invasive Procedure:

Unlike porcelain veneers, composite veneers can be applied directly to your teeth without the need for extensive tooth preparation, preserving more of your natural tooth structure.

Quick and Convenient:

The application of composite veneers typically requires only one to two appointments, depending on the complexity of your case. You can enjoy the results of your transformed smile in a short amount of time.


Composite veneers can be tailored to suit your individual needs and preferences. Our skilled dental professionals will customise the colour, shape, and size of the veneers to achieve the desired outcome that complements your facial features.

Types of Composite Veneers

At Berwick Dental Clinic, we offer various types of composite veneers, including:

Direct Composite Veneers:

These veneers are applied directly to your teeth during a single appointment, using a layering technique to achieve the desired result.

Indirect Composite Veneers:

Similar to porcelain veneers, these veneers are fabricated in a dental laboratory based on impressions of your teeth. They are then bonded to your teeth during a subsequent appointment.

Composite Veneers Procedure

Here is a general overview of the composite veneers procedure at Berwick Dental Clinic:


During your initial consultation, our experienced dental professionals will assess your oral health and discuss your cosmetic goals. We’ll determine if composite veneers are the right solution for you and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Treatment Planning:

We’ll create a personalised treatment plan based on your desired outcome. We’ll discuss the type of veneers that best suit your needs and explain the procedure in detail.


If necessary, we’ll prepare your teeth by gently removing a small amount of enamel to ensure a seamless fit for the veneers. We’ll take impressions of your teeth for indirect veneers.

Composite Veneer Placement:

For direct composite veneers, we’ll apply the composite resin material in layers onto your teeth, shaping and sculpting it to achieve the desired aesthetics. For indirect veneers, we’ll bond the fabricated veneers to your teeth using dental adhesive.

Finishing Touches:

Once the veneers are in place, we’ll refine and polish them to create a natural, radiant finish that seamlessly blends with your existing teeth.

How much do composite veneers cost?

The cost of composite veneers at Berwick Dental Clinic depends on various factors, including the number of veneers required and the complexity of the case. During your consultation, we will provide you with a personalised treatment plan and a detailed cost estimate tailored to your specific needs.

We understand the importance of affordability and accessibility when it comes to dental care. That’s why we participate in various dental insurance plans and are part of HCF preferred providers as well as the SMILE fee group. Additionally, we offer benefits under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), ensuring that eligible children receive the necessary dental treatments. To make it easier for our patients, we offer a range of payment options, including:

  • Afterpay
  • Openpay
  • ZIP
  • HUMM
  • In-house direct debit payments for orthodontic treatment
  • Superannuation release

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

At Berwick Dental Clinic, we utilise advanced technology to enhance your treatment experience. Our Digital Smile Design (DSD) system allows us to create a digital simulation and pre-visualisation of your new smile design. By utilising digital photos and technology, we can plan and design various cosmetic dentistry treatments, including porcelain veneers, composite veneers, teeth whitening, orthodontics, and dental implants.

Choose Berwick Dental Clinic for Composite Veneers in Berwick

Berwick Dental Clinic is your trusted partner in achieving a confident, beautiful smile. With our expertise in composite veneers and commitment to providing exceptional dental care, we can help you achieve the stunning results you desire. Contact us today and take the first step towards a smile you’ll be proud to show off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Composite veneers typically last between 5-7 years, but with proper care and maintenance, they can last even longer.
The choice between composite veneers and porcelain veneers depends on your specific needs and preferences. Composite veneers are more affordable and can be applied directly to your teeth, while porcelain veneers offer greater durability and a more natural appearance.
If one of your veneers comes off, it’s important to contact our dental clinic as soon as possible. We can assess the situation and determine the best course of action, which may involve reattaching or replacing the veneer.
Composite veneers are stain-resistant, but their longevity in staying white depends on various factors such as oral hygiene practices, dietary habits, and lifestyle choices. Regular dental visits and proper care can help maintain the whiteness of composite veneers.
Composite veneers can help enhance your smile by addressing dental imperfections such as chipped, crooked, discoloured, malformed, or worn teeth. They provide a non-invasive and affordable solution to improve the appearance and alignment of your teeth, giving you a confident and natural-looking smile.