Visible Results Achieved Invisibly

  • September 14, 2020

Many people suffer from an imperfect smile that leaves them feeling less confident and, sometimes, uncomfortable in their own skin. If you are one of these people and have been looking for an answer to your crooked teeth, chipped smile, unwanted gaps, noticeable crowding, or obvious stain and discoloration – Berwick DCAS is here to help. In addition to veneers, implants, crowns and bridges, and teeth whitening, we offer ClearCorrect aligners to help make your ideal smile come to life without the hassle and discomfort of metal braces. Invisible, removable, and made in the United States, ClearCorrect aligners are a less apparent alternative to traditional teeth alignment services. Show off your smile as you see results!

Smile Proudly

Damaged teeth are not only aesthetically displeasing, but they often come with bothersome side effects. You deserve to wear a smile that makes you feel good and functions without pain and irritability. We are dedicated to helping you maintain your health and renew your smile with a makeover that meets your goals.

Perfect your smile with our combination of cosmetic dentistry services!

The ClearCorrect Difference

ClearCorrect is a dental lab that designs prescription-based aligners. Once we evaluate your teeth and decide you are a good candidate for clear aligners, we will take photos and x-rays, as well as utilise a scanner or impressions, to capture the unique shape of your teeth. As soon as your prescription is submitted to ClearCorrect, they begin creating invisible aligners specifically for you. Throughout your time using wearing your custom aligners, Berwick DCAS will manage your care, observing your progress and supplying you with new sets of aligners along the way.

Affordable Care

Unsure if your smile makeover fits in the budget? Get this. As we believe in high-quality dental procedures for all, we provide interest-free repayment through National Dental Plan. The smile you have long awaited is within reach! Contact us to get started today.